Bar Code Resource Directory: RFID and Barcode Basics

Bar Code and RFID Basics
Bar Code and RFID Education

Universal Product Codes (UPC)

Barcode Labels
Durable barcode labels and nameplates for property identification
Passive RFID tags and labels for tracking, identification and asset control

RFID and Bar Code Education - The Basics

RFID Basics- Basic RFID information

IDAT Consulting & Education - IDAT Consulting & Education works with both users and vendors of ADC technology, offering services tailored to meet the needs of five different groups.

Introduction to Bar Coding- TALtech has an "Introduction to Bar Coding" series including Bar Code Basics,
Bar Code Symbology Descriptions, and How a Bar Code Reader Works.

Wikipedia Barcode Information - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia, has loads of Bar Code information.

Wikipedia RFID information - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia, covers RFID in detail.

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