Bar Code Nameplates: Aluminum Barcode Nameplates, Ceramic Barcode Nameplates, Stainless Steel Bar Code Nameplates

Bar Code Nameplates
A Resource Directory of Bar Code and RFID Products  and Services

Universal Product Codes (UPC)

Barcode Labels
Durable barcode labels and nameplates for property identification
Passive RFID tags and labels for tracking, identification and asset control

Birdsong Supply Company- Supplier of RFID Tags, barcode nameplates, bar code labels, UID tags, and a broad range of nameplates and labels.

Metalcraft I.D. Plates and Labels Supplier of high quality, durable barcode nameplates and labels for property identification. They specialize in bar code labels and tags on aluminum, ceramic, stainless steel, and polyester.

INOTEC Barcode Security GmbH - Preprinted barcode labels in photocomposition, thermal transfer or laser printing process. Printed on a wide range of materials like paper, polyester, metal or ceramic.

Macfarlane Nameplare & Anodizing Inc. - Anodized aluminum barcode nameplates

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