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Universal Product Codes (UPC)


Looking for bar code or rfid suppliers? We have done the work for you and categorized bar code and rfid manufacturers and suppliers. If you don't mind looking at a few Google ads, you should be able to find what you are looking for. Clicking on the ads helps support our efforts, so be sure to check them out as well!

Bar Code Labels - Companies that supply everything from permanent aluminum labels to blank thermal transfer label stock.

Bar Code Nameplates - Companies that supply bar codes for extreme environments, bar code nameplates on aluminum or stainless steel provide resistance to chemicals, abrasion, solvents and high temperatures.

Bar Code Scanners - A listing of scanner suppliers: Fixed beam barcode scanners, retail point-of-sale scanners, handheld scanners, rfid readers.

Bar Code Printers - This directory lists dealers that sell bar code printers from all the major manufacturers.

Bar Code Software - If you can think of it, one of these software suppliers can deliver: Fixed asset inventory software, point of sale software, barcode labeling software, bar code creator software, and more!

Postal Bar Codes - Go postal!- POSTNET decoders, generators, everything postal!

Radio Frequency Data Communication - Find RFID readers, software, installation and support.

RFID Tags - Labels and tags for every purpose- from car windshields to pallets to clothing (& more!).

Unique Identification (UID) compliance - Directory of UID suppliers: nameplates & labels for UID Compliance, direct parts marking, software, compliance verification systems

Automated Data Collection Systems - Companies that supply systems integration expertise, software, and hardware for automated data collection.

Data Entry Terminals and Controllers - Hardware and software for data acquisition

Bar Code Products Suppliers - If it has to do with bar coding, one of these companies will have what you need.

Bar Code and RFID Education - We've searched the internet to find resources to learn about bar codes and RFID.

Universal Product Codes (UPC) - If you manufacture products to sell, you need UPCs!

Other Internet Barcode and RFID Resources - These companies provide a variety of Bar Code / RFID services.

bar code - n. - Printed vertical bars and spaces of varying widths; letters and numbers are represented by specific patterns of bars and spaces that can be read by a bar code scanner. Newer bar code symbologies replace the vertical bars with patterns of dots, concentric circles, or text codes hidden within images.

More barcode information is available from Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

rfid (Radio-frequency identification)- an automatic identification method, relying on storing and remotely retrieving data using devices called RFID tags or transponders. In general terms, there are two types of RFID transponders- passive and active.

  • In simple terms, a Passive RFID tag is just that- passive. It just sits there and does nothing unless it is awakened. If a reader is nearby it comes to life:
    • The Passive RFID tag only activates when a reader is nearby to supply power
    • The reader sends out a radio frequency (RF) signal
    • The antennae on the tag produces a small amount of power from the magnetic field that results from the RF (radio frequency) signal
    • A response is transmitted from the tag back to the to the reader
  • Active RFID tags have their own internal power source that can generate a signal a great distance from a reader.
    • The Active RFID tag incorporates a battery for power
    • Active RFID tags are more effective over distance, through water, etc.

More rfid information is available from Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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